We seperate ordinary from extra-ordinary
we create super-heroes

How we seperate ordinary from extra-ordinary?

Working over a decade in IT industry, and working with more than 1000+ developers and 100s of brands we understood that to be a kickass developer, coding is not only skill required.

We designed an indigenous process which consists of four important competencies that will help us understand the developer’s skills.

All our developers are gone through this vetting process before joining our team, ensuring you get only the best of the best.


1. Strong communication skills (both verbal and written).

2. Easy going, friendly nature.

3. Professionalism at its core, along with technical expertise.

How we test for it:

A test to understand the professional ability to provide solutions to technical questions, challenging project situations, and much more.

Direct interview with live situations on how they respond to certain situation, how they communicate to clients, and follow-up questions on the test.


1. Follow the best practices while writing code.

2. Solves business problems using technology more creatively and efficiently.

3. Naturally understands core UX/UI interface principles.

How we test for it:

Hackathon events to create an application that contains several edge-cases the developer needs to think through. Or solve a business solution by providing working product and lend itself to be easily updated and maintained..

Code review and debugging process

A UX/UI tests that involves finding poor design decisions (technical & aesthetical) and making proper recommendations.


1. The problem solvers and solution providers.

2. No matter what, they insist on progress of projects.

3. Follow strict process to ensure they meet deadlines and actively communicate the progress to client.

How we test for it:

A complete training on following and being Agile and Lean.

We do a test project where the developer joins different team/project and is expected to start adding value immediately.

They are given unexpected obstacles and opportunities and tested to keep the project moving forward.


1. Work with diverse team, shares the value of excellence, empathy and respect.

2. Open to learn and unleash their fullest potentials.

3. Active in supporting their team and participates in our open communities.

How we test for it:

At the end of the day people are more important than tools or process, thus we look for exciting people who loves what they do.

We discuss on their past experience to understand what’s they love and encourage them to participate in blogging, networking and building open communities


Work with the developers who are best of the bests.